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Barre de slide FreshPark

EUR 119,95
Rampes et rails Freshpark
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Modèle à hauteur ajustable. Elle est modulable avec d'autres rampes et rails Freshpark.

  • Hauteur ajustable: 9-19" (23cm à 48cm)
  • Solide & Waterproof
  • Modulable
  • Longueur 71.5" (181cm)
  • Poids 24lbs (10,9kg)


Très bien
HAROUET anthony (Anglet)
Note: 4 sur 5!
Tres bon sensation facile a rider on s'approche de la perfection si ce n'est sa taille un peu courte
corentin Roux de Bezieux (Bruxelles Uccle)
Note: 4 sur 5!
My son saved up his money for this and he loves it. It's well made and very sturdy. Almost straight away, the red paint on the rail starts getting scraped away, but I guess this is exactly to be expected due to heavy grinding use! I think this will go on to provide lots of skate fun for my son and sometimes his friends too. Good product, nice supplier. Thanks
chris gavin (enfield)
Note: 5 sur 5!