BMX Assembling and Maintenance

It is not easy to build your own BMX bike. Various parts might not fit together and if you assemble it wrong, you can easily destroy the parts. This guide will help you with the basics of assembling og maintaining a BMX bike.

A BMX Bike Consist Of

1x FrameIncludes brake connectors unless otherwise noted
1x BarFits on almost all forks unless otherwise noted
1x StemThere are two types - topload and frontload
1x Head setMany systems exist, the most known are integrated
1x Head set spacerA headset spacer can adjust the height of the bar
1x ForkThe fork should fit with your wheelsize
1x Set GripsGrips fits on all bars unless otherwise noted
1x Set PedalsPedals are offered in plastic, steel or aluminum
2x WheelsThere is a difference between front and back wheel
2x TiresRemember that tires are sold piecewise
2x TubesOur tubes fits all tire widths, unless otherwise noted
1x CranksetThe size of a crank axel can vary between 19, 22 and 24 mm.
1x Crank boxRemember to buy a crankbox fitting the right axel size.
1x SprocketComes with or without a bolt mounting
1x ChainRemember to adjust the lenght before mounting it
1x SeatMany systems exist, known are pivotal and tripod.
1x SeatpostRemember to buy a seatpost fitting your seat

The various parts are called

Advices and recommendations from SkatePro

  • Get an adult to help you with the assembly
  • Use proper tools (see further down what is needed)
  • Expect to use at least 1 hour for the assembly (if you have not tried it before)
  • If you choose lightweight parts, then bear in mind, that they are usually more easily broken than heavy parts.
  • When you receive the package, check if you have everything and the parts fit together before you start to assemble. (You can only return the new/unassembled parts).
  • Always tighten all screws and nuts before biking and maintain the bike as described in the manual. Replace defective components & spare parts.
  • Avoid water, sand, moist areas.

What should I use to assemble my BMX bike with?

This is only relevant for assembling complete BMX bikes.

Here is a list of the needed tools to assemble your BMX (it is not included when purchasing a BMX bike at SkatePro):

1x 5mm allen key
1x 6mm allen key
1x 15mm spanner
1x 17mm or 19mm spanner
1x Bike air pump
1x Side cutter or scissor

Find our selection of BMX tools here.

Assembling a partly assembled BMX bike

When you receive your BMX bike partly assembled, in most cases, you will have to assemble the following parts: bar, front wheel, seat and pedals.

A guide on how to mount the parts will usually follow with the bike.

Remember to pump the tires on the bike before using it.


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