SkiGo CM10 Solid/Powder Glider Jaune

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Speed up your glide with SkiGo CM10 glider wax in solid fluoro. Suitable for warm temperatures from -2° C to +20° C for old granular snow conditions.

1) First prepare your skis with graphite and afterwards apply glider wax for the right temperature in the glide zones.

2) Rub a thin layer of CM10 wax on the glide zones.

If you are planning to ski distances longer than 5 km, we advise you to warm up the CM10 glide wax with an iron at 160° C or apply it with a natural cork in the glide zones. After 15min of cool down/rest of the skis, brush thoroughly with a horsehair brush which you can find on this page:


+20 to -2 °C


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