Landyachtz Sunrise Snowskate

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Longueur: 35"
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Don't let the cold winter stop you from progressing your skateboarding skills - Apply them to the snow-clad mountains instead.

You get a snow-skateboard that is built to take you almost anywhere on the mountain you would like to go. Be it the funpark, the off-piste or simply cruising down the prepared slopes, the Sunrise has got your back.

Double board-construction and a mellow concave

  • 2 boards are actually what you get - 1 for handling the snow at its best, and the other to provide that recognizable feel from your long- or skateboard
  • Flip your snowskate, like you do your skateboard, thanks to the mellow concave shape
  • You will feel in control, when your boots dig into the soft neoprene top
Largeur du deck:
9.7" (24.6cm)
Longueur du deck:
35" (88.9cm)
Matériel du deck:
Erable, 7 plis
Design du deck:
Double kicktail
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