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Slingshot Rally GT V1 2020 Aile Kitesurf

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Please note - The colors and color combinations will vary from the pictures. This allows Slingshot to better utilize the materials and thus less waste goes in the garbage.

Userfriendly and versatile kiteboarding kite

Ease of use and friendly steering with smooth power

Slingshot Rally GT V1 kite

  • The design with three strut bladers ensure responsive handling and good stability
  • For enhanced performance with quicker response and seamless handling, this kite comes with the IRS bridle system
  • With the Swept Wingtips you get easy water relaunch
Barre de kite:
Non inclus
Lignes de Kite:
4 Lignes
Accessoire inclus:
Sac, Kit de réparation, Guide d'initiation