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Powerslide Nordic SUV Metropolis

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Les Metropolis SUV fournissent des possibilité de glisse infinies. Les surfaces sablées, petites cailloux et autres pavés ne sont plus des obstacles. Les roues à air de 125mm de diamètre ont la faculté d'absorber les chocs. Coque très solide et platines en aluminium indestructibles.

Coque/Cuff: Boots Hard solides, lacets, 2 x boucles, système X-Slot.

Chaussons: MY FIT FAT BOY medium; 100% thermo-moulables- voir instructions ici.

Roulements: Powerslide ABEC 7

Freins: Frein arrière peut être monté (optionnel).

Platine: Cette platine a une largeur spéciale est n'est donc pas compatibles avec des roues normales de skates. Elle a une distance de montage de 165mm.



Bon patin .mais mes petit pieds trop fragile .dommage pour moi .good
ellouz johanna (CAMARET SUR AIGUES)
Note: 5 sur 5!
These blades are huge. I think my missus was slightly embarrassed to be out with me on them. They do get looks but more curiosity than WTF. The boots are comfortable enough although I've got a slight niggle on my left inside ankle. I think that could be something with correct boot fitting that will get better. The rail on the bottom was easy enough to set so my balance was good. The tyres are what sets this skate apart. I used them along the ocean front in Nice which is reasonably smooth and along some of the roads and pavements which are a bit more crazy. These skates chewed everything up that I know would have been a bit more difficult in normal skates. The tyres do have more friction and so more rolling resistance than regular hard wheels. It took some effort to cruise at 13kph and I was was being passed by normal blades looking like they were putting less effort. I intend to use these on the tow path which is gravel and so they suit my needs.
Karl T. (London)
Note: 4 sur 5!
Very good product, confortable
Sascha ODIN (Fribourg)
Note: 5 sur 5!