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Roulement RSI Abec 5

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Roulement RSI scellé Abec-5. Ne demande presque aucun entretien.


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Hello SkatePro, I ordered a pair of rollerskates about a month and a hlf ago. I'm very pleased with the rollerskates. However, when I was taking the wheels off to oil the bearings I saw that they where damadge. It looked like they been pushed in so they did not roll properly. I am setisfied with my order but not with the bearings. So please is there any way you can solve this. Best regards Bobby
bobby forssen (galway)
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Réponse de SkatePro:  We are very sorry to hear that your bearings seems to be defective. The bearings can be damaged if one doesn't maintain them and that can easily happen after a month. However, in this case it sounds like they may be defective from the manufacturer. I can see that you have been in contact with my colleague over e-mail and the issue seems to be solved. :) If not, please contact us again on /Phillip
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